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Transforming historic buildings into housing for veterans attending GTCC


Current Goal: Provide Housing for Homeless Vets Attending GTCC

When Vietnam Vet Bob Uber learned a local church campground stood empty 50 weeks out of the year and that many veteran students at Guilford Technical Community College are homeless and sleeping in their cars, he did the only logical thing – found a way to connect the two. He founded the Heroes Center in High Point, NC.

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Outdoor Activities Close to Campus and Downtown

The serene location of the Heroes Center, only seconds from campus or downtown, offers a safe haven for veterans to spend quiet time by themselves  or around vets struggling with similar experiences. Hunting, fishing, clay target shooting, hiking, small lake boating and campfire discussions are just some of our activities.

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Help Veterans Transition Back to Civilian Life

The challenges of transitioning back to civilian life after a tour of duty can be overwhelming. Many of these veterans have been exposed to life-or-death situations and are still haunted by ghosts of their time in the service. Coping with the aftermath of these situations push their psychological capacities to the limit. As a result, veterans are suffering from homelessness, drug addiction, alcoholism and depression. The Heroes Center community plans to offer support services to all vets to make this transition easier.

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A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Serve Military Warriors and Their Loved Ones

The Heroes Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve, support and strengthen military warriors, families, leaders, chaplains and caregivers with our programs, services, events and resources, including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) manuals. By housing student veterans, hosting retreats and providing professional counseling in a peaceful, nurturing environment, we help veterans reestablish themselves in society. 

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